Health and Safety

We make your child’s health and safety our top-most priority.

Low Teacher-Student Ratio

We serve maximum of five kids with two dedicated educators.

Quarterly Assessment

We monitor your child’s progress through observation, parents/educator’s input, work samples, checklists and electronic documentation.

Quality Organic Food/ Snacks

We serve quality organic food or snacks for your child’s nutritional and developmental need.


Mrs. Vivian was our daughter’s most favorite pre-school teacher at Kindercare.  She is such a special person who loves children and loves to take care of them. She knows the best what each child needs and helps them to build up confidence, academic and social skills in their daily learning. Her mild temper and gentle touch left such an impression that our daughter, who is 11 now, still keeps in touch with her and remembers fondly about those two years under her care.

Jingjin Li


Vivian is very kind, caring and patient with children of all ages and abilities. The fact that she has worked so diligently to open her own daycare facility shows her dedication to being one of the best childcare providers in the area.

Jayna Young


I worked with Vivian Ghosh for a year in a program for special needs students. She was always very supportive of the students and staffs. She had a kind and loving manner with them. Vivian took her responsibility seriously, and yet she could have fun and make the work light. The students were very fond of her. I can honestly recommend her for any program she would like to run.

Suzanne Koon


Vivian is very patient and kind when interacting with students. She cares about their well being. She is attentive to their needs and put forth great effort to help them succeed academically, socially and emotionally. Vivian has a good sense when it comes to assisting students or encouraging them to be more independent.

Barbara Sangiacomo


Latest News

  • Jul 21

    Letter to parents : Vivian

    Hello, my name is Vivian. I started caring for children since 1996. I love working with children with diverse background and very passionate about teaching. I have been teaching for over 9 years both private and public schools. I have a degree in Elementary education major in Special Ed. My goal is to provide quality care and help your child bring out their potential to the fullest.